Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Liverpool - We still trust you YNWA!!

Well, it's three games into the English Premier league and Liverpool are off to one of their worst ever starts in a long time, with 1 draw and two losses. We were all buzzing around with optimism at the start of the season but somehow three matches down, we look like we are in a bottomless pit of despair. Come on, we trusted BR, why should anything change now? Agreed that we didn't do well on the transfer deadline day, but I guess we should look at the positives that our youngsters like Raheem Sterling are going to get more chances and we are going to be one of the more sustainable teams in the PL.

Appealing to the Kop to keep their trust!! YNWA!!

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  1. As fanatic fans of liverpool i'm sure this team will be perform better. All we need is patient and give trust to new manager. Sometimes the changing takes time.




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